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Google In all honesty, this has taken far longer than I anticipated. Google, the world's largest internet advertising company, has removed several popular ad-blocking tools from the Play Store. While they are technically in the right to do so - they violate the Play Store developer distribution agreement - it's still a bit of a dick move. Luckily, though, unlike some other platforms, you can easily sideload the adblockers onto your Android device.
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Trust an Apple fanboy not to read the article and draw their own conclusions instead.

1) Users can still install adblockers - legally, legitimately and without too much fuss. All that's happened is Google have removed it from their specific app store.

2) How can you even compare Android to iOS then follow with a statement about how Google are putting their business interests first. Apple are several orders of magnitude more strict that Google and app developers and users a whole plethora of additional concessions they have to make to use Apple's ecosystems (additional developer charges, tighter vendor lock ins, stricter rules on their app store, etc). And then you have the absurd patent feuds that Apple have started; <sarcasm> but obvious suing their competition into oblivion is for the benefit of the users and not a business decision at all. </sarcasm>

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