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Apple Apple's Phil Shiller has been trash-talking Android in the press these past few days - just as Samsung is about to launch its Galaxy S4. "Public, preemptive slamming of a competitor is far outside Apple's PR wheelhouse; it's a dramatic shift for a company used to making news rather than reacting to it. But why is it happening?" The Verge hits the nail on the head: "Cupertino's behavior this week is yet another symptom of Samsung's stratospheric rise in the smartphone market globally, a rise that challenges Apple and has outright stifled Android competitors like HTC and Sony."
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it's all about the software
by REM2000 on Fri 15th Mar 2013 11:44 UTC
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After watching the S4 launch Samsung get's it, it's about the software. They spent a little bit at the begining talking about the bigger screen and some new hardware like the camera, then the rest of the presentation was about the software (perhaps a 70/30 split).

Hardware on mobile devices has peeked, we have reached a point where the processors are fast enough, 2GB RAM is good enough for multitasking, the camera quaility is generally very good on smart phones, the only thing in the hardware realm is to reduce power consumption.

Mobile phones will now be relying more and more on the software to distinguish themselves from each other and i think Samsung has done a good job and looking at current and future trends.

Current trends are that the vast majority are using their mobile phone as there point and shot camera, it's convient as you always have your phone with you, so Samsung have spruced up the camera software offering interesting features and controls.

I loved the travel part, the translation etc.. i thought that was great.

The future trends are of wearable computing, we all know this is where it is heading, devices like the Nike + trainers and bands are popular, more and more people will be attaching more sensors to themselves and to their environment, the health part of the S4 is an acknowledgement that this is the future and i think it's a really good idea. You carry your phone with your everywhere, having a device that can give you a kick to become healthier is a good thing, i can see how this will be evolved and allow people to become really smart about how they live and to control the environment they are in.

Of course this might not be for everyone, but i have a nike+ fuelband personally and i will admit it does give me motivation to do more, to become healthier. I can tell at a glance that i have been a bit of a slob and need to get active on particular days, i can record this information and see how this looks over weeks, months and eventually years. so far it's working i am getting better, thus i can see this working for a lot of other people especially if it's a built in feature of their phone.

I would love to see this extended, to help people with medical conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, a smart device helping and guiding people.

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