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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu has come under a decent amount of flack over the past few months, particularly over their decision to use the 'Dash Search' to return results from Amazon by default in their most recent release.
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RE: The adware is small stuff.
by hhas on Fri 15th Mar 2013 22:20 UTC in reply to "The adware is small stuff."
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How about derailing the switch to the Wayland display server with their Mir solution? Keeping quiet for two years and then going peek-a-boo we have something else... and causing unnecessary fragmentation.

Wayland's goal is to solve everyone's problems. Canonical's sole, pressing need is to solve their own. Yeah, they flubbed the announcement and don't communicate as well as they could/should with other development groups (and the Wayland team is rightly peeved about that), but if Canonical fulfill their own requirements with Mir faster than they can with Wayland then for them it's the right thing to do. Idealism is admirable, but when push comes to shove, pragmatism will out.

Canonical are a smallish commercial operation trying to compete against vast entities like MS, Apple and Google. That's an infinitely harder nut to crack than cooking up a new display system, especially when they're already trailing right at the tail of the pack. Purist FOSS ideology may have many strengths, but rapid, responsive development and change in a fast-moving global marketplace that has no intention of waiting for them is not amongst them. (You can argue the overall wisdom of Canonical's business strategy and its chances of success, but that's nothing to do with the debate here, so let's not get sidetracked with that.)


As for Canonical "derailing" Wayland (or any other Linux entity for that matter) - what rubbish. Sure, it'd have been a damn nice feather in Wayland's cap to be a key component in the world's most popular Linux distro, but them's the breaks: you get over yourself and carry on. OTOH, if the Wayland project somehow can't function without being inextricably bound to Canonical/Ubuntu, I'd say it has a pretty disastrous problem on its hands already. Abstraction 101: High cohesion + Loose coupling = Good; Low cohesion + Tight coupling = Please find a career in fast food preparation instead, because you cannot design software for squit.

Insisting every part of the Linux ecosystem be tied to the activities of every other part of the Linux ecosystem is about as appalling an exercise in exascale coupling as I can possibly imagine (not that it stops the Linux peanut gallery advocating it constantly). But, you know, I bet the Wayland project will do just as well with or without a Canonical connection, precisely because any project with an ounce of sense will know better than to rope their horses to anyone else's. The Wayland team's fate is their own, and the same applies for Canonical too.

As for all the never-ending bitching by various FOSS/Linux fanboys over Canonical [or whoever] lacking ideological purity or showing insufficient deference to their religious betters, said whiners are welcome to put up - e.g. by providing Wayland with sponsorship, assistance, or even just good constructive criticism - or shut up. Because something tells me the ones who make the greatest racket aren't the ones doing all the actual hard work, and it does the FOSS and Linux world absolutely no favors at all.

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