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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu has come under a decent amount of flack over the past few months, particularly over their decision to use the 'Dash Search' to return results from Amazon by default in their most recent release.
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Comment by Auzy
by Auzy on Fri 15th Mar 2013 22:30 UTC
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I tend to agree. The dash issue is probably the most prevalent, but exaggerated issue with Ubuntu.

Firstly, they have poor QA. Unity is incredibly slow. Games on it run at unplayable performance (I didn't believe it until I tried it myself, but it is true). The first impression of a new gamer to Linux will be that Linux is garbage (and, its a problem that affects Unity only as KDE/GNOME/etc all run at native speeds).

Neither Microsoft nor Apple would EVER allow such a colossal buzz-kill to be made default on their platform until the performance issues were fixed, and honestly, I'm surprised why the media hasn't ridiculed Ubuntu over it! Unity's performance is like an egg to the face to all Linux distros.

I also feel they break the Ubuntu Promise: "we encourage you to use free and open source software, improve it...". Ubuntu often refuses to collaborate, and instead develops/forks projects which solve no problems. Projects like Bazaar, their Wayland alternative, Upstart and Unity were always unnecessary, and their developers should assist with the more-established projects, with the same goals.

Even worse these forks are actually a burden on the community (especially Upstart), as developers need to waste time developing code for these additional projects.

Ubuntu needs to ask themselves what they want to accomplish, and start asking themselves if their actions are good for Linux. If they care, they need to stop integrating garbage like Unity, which clearly needs more work to improve performance. Otherwise, all Linux newcomers who try to play a game, will have good reasons to leave.

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