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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Yesterday, during the most insane launch event in the history of technology, Samsung unveiled its next big flagship, the Galaxy S4. I really couldn't care less about this new phone - another plastic phone that looks exactly like its predecessor - but the flurry of interviews with Samsung executives that followed is far more interesting. With them, Samsung has repositioned Tizen - and if you connect the dots, something interesting is starting to appear.
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RE[2]: About apps
by JAlexoid on Fri 15th Mar 2013 23:02 UTC in reply to "RE: About apps"
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Chinese users seem to prefer competition rather than being locked into one walled garden of an official app store, be it Google Play, iTunes etc

And are you saying that the fact that Google Play(and other Google services) barely works in China has no bearing on that? Google does not sell apps in China though Google play. Google search is heavily restricted. GMail connections are monitored.Barely usable is a compliment, but Google is hardly to blame...

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