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Apple Every year on World Consumer Rights Day (March 15), government-controlled China Central Television (CCTV) broadcasts a special report (in Chinese) damning companies for abusing Chinese consumers. This year the targets included Apple. Apple was accused of giving Chinese consumers worse service than customers in other countries, specifically of giving them replacements that included cases from their old phone, while customers in the UK would get a 100% new product.
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Pricing in China
by Priest on Mon 18th Mar 2013 10:04 UTC
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Do items in china cost as much to buy as in the US? Also, people keep blasting Apple for Foxconn suicides but Foxconn had 4 suicides in 2011, 1 suicide in 2012 and employ a million people. Media that covers the suicides never seems to mention they employ more people than the population of a large city.

There were 349 suicides in the United States military last year and there are 1.4 million active and 900k reserve personnel.

That means the suicide rate for Foxconn workers is nearly 100 times higher than for the united states military and if I remember right it was near or lower than the United States national average.

In 2012 due to pressure from Apple over working conditions Foxconn cut worker overtime to a max of 36 hours a month. That averages to just 8 hours a week of overtime. It's barely my standard work week.

I'm willing to bet Apple is sick of people giving them crap about China.

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