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SkyOS The SkyOS website went offline last week following the expiration of its domain name. SkyOS was a thing way, way back in the day, but fizzled out due to disinterest from its lead (and only) developer. It's definitively gone now - I used to have virtually every release from 2.x onwards on discs here, but I threw them all out a few years ago. If you're feeling nostalgic, peruse our SkyOS news archive.
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RE[3]: Comment by v_bobok
by judgen on Mon 18th Mar 2013 19:58 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by v_bobok"
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Why is memory protection always the only argument vocalized against AROS? If that is the only thing that makes it "not modern" or "legacy" would the dropping of 68k software and hardware compatibillity and swapping to a newer kernel spark more than an brief interest by the detractors? I doubt it very much!

The nostaliga bit is a part of the experience, but how would you solve the problem with bringing AROS around to be more modern?

A new kernel with SMP, AMP, and memory protection would indeed be nice. But as most amiga folks know that would break a great many things, is it worth the sacrifice?

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