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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "With the Samsung Galaxy S4 presumably coming soon, many are excited about the possibility of running a more stock Android-based experience, like CyanogenMod, on the hardware. It looks like that's going to be a slower transition than many were hoping, as the current Samsung CM maintainers have said that they have no plans to support the device." If you like custom ROMs, don't buy Samsung. As simple as that.
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RE[2]: Samsung Good
by Yagami on Wed 20th Mar 2013 10:09 UTC in reply to "RE: Samsung Good"
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[quote] Oh, and Sony provides all the tools you need to unlock the bootloader. There's even a simple website with all the info, straight from Sony. Granted, the carrier has the option of removing support for easy-unlocking of the bootloader. But there's even methods to get around that, all nicely documented. [/quote]

Bull... that website is only for unlocked phones. If you have a carrier locked phone, you are out of luck. Only method is paying for wotan server IF YOUR LUCKY and have a xperia arc s before february last year. If your phone if after that , not even wotan or setools can unlock it.

But hey, its easier to spread bullshit and not actually know what you are talking about, right ?

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