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Windows "Microsoft today announced via its website the general availability of the Windows Embedded 8 family of operating systems. Extending Windows 8 technologies to a spectrum of edge devices, Windows Embedded 8 helps enterprises capitalize on the Internet of Things with the platform to capture, analyze and act on valuable data across IT infrastructures." So, this is NT-based, and not CE-based, right? Even though I'm currently researching and writing about Psion and Symbian, I'm dreading the day I have to sort through the mess that is Microsoft's mobile and embedded systems. Just check the page for Windows Embedded 8, and look at those names. The heck?
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RE: Disappointed
by robojerk on Wed 20th Mar 2013 23:25 UTC in reply to "Disappointed"
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We can do some amazing things with devices like RaspberryPi. I think we're now reaching the point in computing where making specific,little computers that serve the need of a single person can be done by a laymen with a little bit of education (trip to book store/amazon).

Sometimes I wonder if Microsoft will ever make free, or really really cheap ($5-$10/license?) but completely torn down version of Windows (similar to PE) for enthusiasts/modding/education to compete with Linux in that area. It looks like a "no" in this iteration. I think if Microsoft made an embedded version of Windows like that it would at least be another option for people that like tinker, or have a specific need not being filled, and if someone's hobby ever went into mass production it could lead to license sales for them.

Oh well, Linux/FreeBSD, etc still works, is free, and completely customizable.

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