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Legal Countries are starting to get into the patent business; countries like France and South Korea are setting up patent entities to protect domestic companies. "Intellectual Discovery presents itself as a defensive alliance: if a South Korean company finds itself targeted in a lawsuit, for instance, it can access the patents being compiled by Intellectual Discovery to hit back." I support this. If, say, a small Dutch company were to come under unfair patent aggression by bullies like Apple and Microsoft (quite likely these days), I damn well expect my government to protect them from it. If you can't fix the system, work with it. As simple as that.
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by Yamin on Thu 21st Mar 2013 15:45 UTC in reply to "Comment by kwan_e"
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While interesting, and it certainly could be an improvement, I can't help but wonder what could go wrong.

Government body willing to pay for 'invention' disclosures.

If you thought patent trolls were bad today trying to extort companies which they have to at least take to court... imagine the abuse this kind of system would bring. This kind of system bring 0 cost to getting money out of patents. At least the current system imposes big legal fees to win at trial.

Everyone would just hack together something and take it to this 'board' to be paid. How much? Who knows! We'll have lobbyists to maximize payment.
What gets accepted as an invention?
Well, now you have the same problem as today with a 'patent' office evaluating patents to see if they are valid or not.

And given their record, they don't seem to be able to evaluate the validity of a patent... much less how much that patent is worth. Now you're doubling the complexity and workload of a system that has been proven to be incompetent?

I would actually theorize that it is highly probable your system would actually be worse than the current system. In the current system people file patents for a variety of reasons (protect ip, defense, licensing...), but immediate direct profit from the government is not one of them.

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