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Legal Nokia has gotten an injunction against HTC in Germany over a patent on a power-saving feature in Qualcomm chips (?!). Nokia's response illustrates why the company started its recent patent offensive: "Nokia is pleased with this decision, which confirms the quality of Nokia's patent portfolio." If nobody buys your phones and your business is failing spectacularly, you have to promote something else of value to paint yourself as an interesting acquisition target. Patents it is, then. If you can't compete, litigate. Update: HTC's statement is pretty damning.
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RE: nobody buys your phones!
by Nelson on Thu 21st Mar 2013 21:14 UTC in reply to "nobody buys your phones!"
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I'm sure Thom meant their Windows Phones, and even that, relative to the volume that iOS and Android move. Its true, Windows Phone has a while to go.

I don't think the situation is as terrible as its made to seem, they move a lot of phones, even Lumias. They enjoy mild success, encouraging even.

As their reorganization and slimming down makes them more agile you'll see them fill out their product lineup and consequentially amass more volume. They've released 12 Windows Phone since they adopted the platform. That's incredible speed.

Nokia was catching up 800/900. Now they're caught up with the 920. Now its time to leap ahead. That's generally how these things work.

At least on the high end. On the mid to low end I think Nokia is positioned to absolutely dominate.

Asha feature phone sales are growing very rapidly and Nokia is regaining lost marketshare in many places. Its amazing what they're done with S40. The price points they're hitting are resonaing big in the emerging markets.

Their low end Lumia devices offer a plain better experience at price points as low as $180 off of contract. Yes, they're not at all price points yet, but they've indicated they can even go lower.

Nokia's ASP dropped last quarter which indicates that the smartphones they are selling are mid to low range phones. That speaks very well to their market reception.

I'm still bullish, I still think Stephen Elop will be vindicated at the end of the day. I'm interested in the next quarterly results to see how right/wrong I am.

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