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In the News "An incident at the annual Python developer conference has led to allegations of sexism, death threats, the firings of two people, and - apparently - multiple DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks." Absolutely bizarre.
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The straw the broke the camels back
by rafial on Thu 21st Mar 2013 21:35 UTC
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I can well sympathize with Adria. Taken in isolation, her decision to go to public shaming might seem rash, but I'm guessing the incident at PyCon was the straw the broke the camels back. I've read plenty of accounts from women in tech, enough to know that you are living day in, day out in a world full of random inappropriate comments, whispered conversations that end when you enter the room, and other such background awkwardness. At some point, you just get fed up. I highly doubt she expected either of the guys she decided to shame to get fired, It was just that moment in time when she finally got fed up with taking crap in silence. I've been there myself at times in my life, and it can lead to a bit of overreaction, because you've got ton of built of frustration when the moment comes.

I think in all of this, PyCon comes off looking best. They took the incident seriously, investigated, and took measured action.

SendGrid comes off the worst for me, because they clearly buckled under the bizarre ration of unreasoning bile that gets unleashed any time a woman dares speak up, rightly or wrongly, against the code of silence we cast around the pervasive low-grade sexism in our industry.

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