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OSNews, Generic OSes Change platforms. Whenever you can. Ever since I got into computing, I've lived according to a very simple adage: change platforms all the time. For reasons I won't go into, the importance of this adage was reaffirmed today, and I figured I'd share it with you all - and hopefully, get a few of you to follow this adage as well.
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by maxz on Thu 21st Mar 2013 21:46 UTC
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For reasons I won't go into, the importance of this adage was reaffirmed today[...] The reason is simple: always try to broaden your horizon. Never get stuck in one place. Never become lazy. Never settle. Never let the same set of neurons fire. Never come to rely on any one company.

No, please go into the reasons.

For me, tech is a tool that I use, not a goal in itself. So swiching platforms just for the sake of keeping momentum a seems like a stupid thing to me. I agree that trying out new platforms is a good thing, perhaps this is just the new tool that lets me do things in a better way. Not relying on just one company can also a good thing, it usually leaves me less vulnerable.

But if you switch platforms so often that a considerable amount of energy gets wasted in the process of switching instead of getting work done, you are doing it wrong. If it costs you nothing to switch all the time, I wonder how much you really are using those platforms in the first place.

Broaden your horizons. Support innovation. But don't let yourself be fooled that switching is a goal in itself.

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