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Google "Google's Chrome and Android operating systems will remain separate products but could have more overlap, Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said, a week after the two came under a single boss." That's that, then.
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RE[4]: At least
by Nelson on Thu 21st Mar 2013 23:02 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: At least"
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So long as Google is the default search engine and Admob (I think it's called) is the preferred API for service in-app adverts, then I don't think it matters too much if vendors do load their own services.

If Samsung has the guts to run their own app store infrastructure, then setting up or buying out an existing advertising solution for developers isn't that impossible.

Apple did it with iAd. Nokia did it with NAX which is just an exchange network.

As far as search, there are plenty of alternatives to search. There's Bing, and then there are new types of search up and coming like that from Facebook's Graph which searching a different type of data.

Google is becoming increasingly replaceable in Android and it definitely is cause for concern.

Google make money from their online services. It doesn't really make much sense for them to go the way of Apple and have a their OS's limited to their own hardware.

It does if they want to have a leash on their OEMs. Look at Microsoft with the Surface.

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