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Google "Google's Chrome and Android operating systems will remain separate products but could have more overlap, Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said, a week after the two came under a single boss." That's that, then.
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RE[5]: At least
by Delgarde on Fri 22nd Mar 2013 01:02 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: At least"
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Well, it's like email in that way... you need somewhere for the data (email) to be stored, but you don't need to have the APP in the cloud. I think what we really need is for the RSS standard to be updated that defines a standard way of storing FEEDS in the cloud, so you can use whatever app you want and then have a server that stores the feeds, and if the server goes down, you just move the feeds to a different server, and continue using the same app.

The problem isn't where the feeds are stored - that's already on the net, whether by a cloud provider or someone's personal web server. The problem is where the subscriptions are stored, and where you keep the information of which feeds you've read.

If you're using a desktop reader, then each client (laptop, work desktop, mobile, etc) has to track that stuff itself, so that a) if you subscribe to something new, it needs to be separately added to all clients, and b) any given client doesn't know which items you've already read on a different client. Google Reader solved that problem by centralising that info...

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