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Legal Countries are starting to get into the patent business; countries like France and South Korea are setting up patent entities to protect domestic companies. "Intellectual Discovery presents itself as a defensive alliance: if a South Korean company finds itself targeted in a lawsuit, for instance, it can access the patents being compiled by Intellectual Discovery to hit back." I support this. If, say, a small Dutch company were to come under unfair patent aggression by bullies like Apple and Microsoft (quite likely these days), I damn well expect my government to protect them from it. If you can't fix the system, work with it. As simple as that.
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RE: Makes sense
by kwan_e on Fri 22nd Mar 2013 01:35 UTC in reply to "Makes sense"
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Why let others cheat the free market and ultimately sabotage the economy when government can do it directly themselves? ;)

Greed and incompetence will be the downfall of government. Like always. ;)

Why is it libertarians only get fired up over things that are ostensibly named the government, and not entities that behave like governments but not governments in name?

Large companies (that make this kind of thing necessary) are governments in the amount of power they wield too.

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