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In the News "An incident at the annual Python developer conference has led to allegations of sexism, death threats, the firings of two people, and - apparently - multiple DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks." Absolutely bizarre.
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Just more PC Bull
by deathshadow on Fri 22nd Mar 2013 04:46 UTC
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... and the true nature of all the Python ****wads.

Honestly, this is TAME compared to some of the bull I've dealt with in the python community this past year in terms of privacy, complete lack of a sense of humor, inability to take serious criticism, and instead want to slap the rose colored glasses around everyone's head and sweep anything remotely resembling legitimate problems under the rug. I have only once ever dealt with another group of people that up-tight about anything, I'll be nice and not say who that was.

Let's just say there's a reason any projects I had involving Python were shitcanned and I've told the Pi community and their raging hard-on for Python where they can stick it! (Besides the cubieboard is FAR more useful since it actually has a PROPER amount of free I/O connects)

These folks make FLOSS-tards and Church of Stallman whackjobs look sane!

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