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Hardware, Embedded Systems "But a powerful new type of computer that is about to be commercially deployed by a major American military contractor is taking computing into the strange, subatomic realm of quantum mechanics. In that infinitesimal neighborhood, common sense logic no longer seems to apply. A one can be a one, or it can be a one and a zero and everything in between - all at the same time. [...] Now, Lockheed Martin - which bought an early version of such a computer from the Canadian company D-Wave Systems two years ago - is confident enough in the technology to upgrade it to commercial scale, becoming the first company to use quantum computing as part of its business." I always get a bit skeptical whenever I hear the words 'quantum computing', but according to NewScientist, this is pretty legit.
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Fuzzy logic + Military...
by sparkyERTW on Fri 22nd Mar 2013 12:23 UTC
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Colonel: "Jesus H. Murphy, Lieutenant! What in the sam-hell made the firing system launch a missile at our own command outpost?!?!"

Lieutenant: "Well, sir, according to the computer it was detected as both a friendly AND a hostile AT THE SAME TIME!"

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