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Hardware, Embedded Systems "But a powerful new type of computer that is about to be commercially deployed by a major American military contractor is taking computing into the strange, subatomic realm of quantum mechanics. In that infinitesimal neighborhood, common sense logic no longer seems to apply. A one can be a one, or it can be a one and a zero and everything in between - all at the same time. [...] Now, Lockheed Martin - which bought an early version of such a computer from the Canadian company D-Wave Systems two years ago - is confident enough in the technology to upgrade it to commercial scale, becoming the first company to use quantum computing as part of its business." I always get a bit skeptical whenever I hear the words 'quantum computing', but according to NewScientist, this is pretty legit.
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by roblearns on Fri 22nd Mar 2013 15:33 UTC
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My understanding was that quantum is just an adjective - allowing us to refer to the smallest possible discrete unit of something.

So the smallest possible unit of weight isn't 1 kilogram, because you can divide that into grams. Any number you define can be subdivided so you have to just bail on that scene, and just refer to quanta instead.

It's like the old child's game where you state the largest number, and finally someone says infinity, and then someone says infinity+1 - no dude, infinity is defined as the largest number, and quanta as the smallest discrete unit - as the infinitesimally small.

After this things get a bit murky, but apparently Einsteins theory of relativity and Quantum theory when taken together, can describe everything we know about matter and energy.

And you have other oddities like, Einsteins theory of relativity, Quantum Theory, and Selena Gomez, taken together somehow predicts the popularity of the 1990's hit Melrose place. A seemingly unrelated event.

Look, I don't want to be 'that guy' that guy that poo poo's everything he doesn't understand, and predicts everything to fail. because he doesn't get it. But I don't get it, and when I read all the people saying this is hocus pocus - what can I say, it seems like 'it kinda is' - they really need to make a bit more progress, then I'll take another looksy.

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