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In the News If you don't live in the US, this is a pretty common source of irritation: US companies charging crazy markups on products sold in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and the rest of the world. The Australian government has had enough of this practice, and started an inquiry into the matter. Yesterday (or today? Timezones confuse me) Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe had to answer questions in a public hearing.
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I have to agree, although it sounds like everyone is charging more.

I would love for Adobe to get some competition. If only to get them to up their game.

Isn't very helpful when they are allowed to buy their competitors like Macromedia (Dreamweaver & Freehand). Having said that Corel seems to be where Adobe competitor products go to die. How many Photoshop competitors have they hoovered up over the years.

I miss the late 90s when you had Corel, Adobe, Macromedia, Metacreations, Jasc, Ulead etc all pulling in different directions coming up with ideas.

I have Photoshop CS6 and its the best Photoshop has been in ages, but Adobe barely tests their software. I have to run half of CS6 in admin mode just to get it to run. A good direct competitor could push them.

Maybe we need open 'source' formats as well as 'output' formats like PNG and SVG. A vector, bitmap and DTP or maybe some hybrid format.

Fireworks PNG at least downgrades, but that's not a truly universal format.

My wishlist would be:
- Non-destructive effects
- Embeding of images or nesting of documents
- Embeding of fonts where license allows

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