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OSNews, Generic OSes Change platforms. Whenever you can. Ever since I got into computing, I've lived according to a very simple adage: change platforms all the time. For reasons I won't go into, the importance of this adage was reaffirmed today, and I figured I'd share it with you all - and hopefully, get a few of you to follow this adage as well.
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by ssokolow on Fri 22nd Mar 2013 22:34 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Gaming"
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I'm curious to know more about the adapters (specifically for PS1 & PS2 controllers) - how well do they work? Is the vibration recognised and supported in PC games with force feedback support? How good are the drivers? (or perhaps the controllers are recognised as some "standard" controller, maybe Xbox one?)

The adapter I use works like a charm. It presents itself as a standard USB HID joystick so no drivers are required for basic operation.

Force feedback drivers are included with the Linux kernel but a CD is sometimes included for Windows.

It maps all buttons as buttons and the D-Pad and sticks as axes, so games don't know how hard you're pressing the buttons, but that's a limitation of the USB HID protocol.

(The Playstation 3 had to work around that by exposing every single button as a button AND an axis on the wired USB interface.)

The only thing I know about the model I have is that it's a dual-port transparent blue one with a smooth (non-ring-shaped) dome molded into the top and a converter chip new enough to support being switched into DDR pad compatibility mode. (Which changes the D-pad from two axes to four buttons so you can press opposite directions at the same time)

Honestly, I'd just buy one and try it out yourself. Here's an eBay listing that'll sell a brand new one with a CD and DDR mode to USA, Europe, Asia, Canada, or Australia for a total (cost+ship) price of $3.21 USD.

If you're outside those regions or want to explore, here's the most targeted eBay search I could make without excluding valid results:

Just skip the two or three results for keyboard/mouse adapters at the beginning.

The one caution I have is that, like with all cheap Chinese devices, you do occasionally get a shoddily-made one. One of the USB data lines came off the PCB on one of mine (I bought 4, gave two as christmas gifts, and kept a spare), but resoldering those is trivial.

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