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Apple "European Union regulators are examining the contracts Apple strikes with cellphone carriers that sell its iPhone for possible antitrust violations after several carriers complained that the deals throttled competition." Well paint me red and call me a girl scout.
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Assuming that such availability exists in the EU I can't work out why there is this push for anti-trust against Apple when in reality it is badly run carriers whining with dumb customers too lazy to actually shop around for the best deal - yes, you can buy phones from retail stores and choose your carrier.

Because the carriers have to pay Apple twice as much as they pay for competing phones. The carriers effectively lose $300-500 per Apple phone sold.

Which is a load of crap - Telecom provide a $0 iPhone 5 32Gb at $159 per month and over its life (minus GST) it brings in $3318 to the company with the cost of the phone being $1042 (GST excluded) meaning that Telecom NZ makes $2000+ over the life of the contract off the consumer if he or she chooses the $0 offer. I'd like you to actually back up what you said with some evidence - you know, provide a link to a company providing the phone on contract at a low price and them not being able to recuperate the cost and make a profit - I'm here waiting and it's time for you to either put up or shut up.

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