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In the News If you don't live in the US, this is a pretty common source of irritation: US companies charging crazy markups on products sold in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and the rest of the world. The Australian government has had enough of this practice, and started an inquiry into the matter. Yesterday (or today? Timezones confuse me) Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe had to answer questions in a public hearing.
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Fair point, but it doesn't excuse it, they charge more than enough.

All that said I have seen Quark go from number one in DTP to has been. It has happened once, it can happen again.

My guess is that instead of making something like an Adobe app, you need to make something that is just plain good and has it's own vision.

Illustrator works, but its interface is backwards, you have to do lots of little dances just to make it do some things you could do in Freehand in five minutes.

There are plenty of chinks in Adobe's armour, you just can't win by being a me too.

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