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Apple "European Union regulators are examining the contracts Apple strikes with cellphone carriers that sell its iPhone for possible antitrust violations after several carriers complained that the deals throttled competition." Well paint me red and call me a girl scout.
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A) Apple requires minimal purchase agreements.
B) We are talking about EU here. Take a look at the prices in EU before spouting irrelevant facts about NZ.
C) Price for an iPhone in EU is about €650. Plans including iPhone are usually about €40 for 24 months. 24*40 = 960. That includes a cut to the salesperson(30-50), maintenance of the network and the device itself. Let's count it up? Apple's ASP for iPhone is $628 = €483(€580 with avg EU VAT).
960 - 580 - 35 => €345 - VAT = €287.5 before any operating expenses for 2 years. I know first hand that Apple is not the favourite vendor for EU operators to deal with. Now add to that minimal purchase agreements and you'll see that Apple is cutting deep into profits at the expense of other device makers.

Though I don't see on what grounds Apple could be found to violate TFEU Article 101 or 102, or any interpretations made by CJEU.

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