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Windows Paul Thurrot: "Tipped off by a reader, I checked my System log in Event Viewer today and what did I find but a stack of pending updates for all of the core apps in Windows 8. I'm not 100 percent sure this is what I think it is. But if we're right, it looks like 18 of the core apps in Windows 8 are about to get updated. Or, almost all of them." Foley confirms it. By far Windows 8's weakest link, so I'm hoping this is true. Especially the Mail application is dreadful.
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by UltraZelda64 on Sat 23rd Mar 2013 22:24 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment"
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What makes the issue even more funny is WinRT API was billed as a 'new API' when Arstechnica divided deeper to expose that it is merely a wrapper around win32 and nothing has actually changed - we're not really seeing any movement forward but a re-arranging of rotten deck chairs then being labelled as 'brand new'.

Wow, are you serious? LMFAO... now that's bad. Everyone, including Microsoft, claimed that Metro was all 100% new stuff... now, it turns out it's just a wrapper on top of win32, and at the same time Microsoft wants us to ditch that crusty old win32-based desktop for being so rusty and outdated? I smell some serious irony and hypocrisy wafting in from the west coast right now...

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