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In the News If you don't live in the US, this is a pretty common source of irritation: US companies charging crazy markups on products sold in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and the rest of the world. The Australian government has had enough of this practice, and started an inquiry into the matter. Yesterday (or today? Timezones confuse me) Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe had to answer questions in a public hearing.
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RE: Costs more
by mikeinohio on Sun 24th Mar 2013 00:55 UTC in reply to "Costs more"
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While their might be some arbitrariness in the pricing structure of these companies products in various countries, most of the disparity in the prices probably reflects the disparate reality of doing business in the various countries.

The European, Asian, and Australian economies tend to be much more taxed and regulated than the American Economy. The companies that do businesses there comply with the regulations and pay the taxes. But, as all companies do, they pass the cost along to the consumer. That includes the cost of frivolous European Union lawsuits too.

If consumers value their standard of living, they need to grow up and understand that the is no something for nothing. The European Union has already fined Microsoft billions of euros over its alleged browser monopoly. If that number is divided by the number of Windows licenses sold in Europe, it comes out to several euros per license. That is the cost of just one example of European Union litigious nonsense.

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