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Windows "An early build of Windows Blue, the next version of Windows, has leaked online. Build 9364 has been made available on file sharing sites and includes some of the new changes that Microsoft is building into its significant Windows 8 update. Leaked screenshots show that the company is bringing smaller Live Tile arrangements to its Start Screen, along with greater control over the color personalization options. Other improvements include a number of new options in the Windows 8-style settings screen. SkyDrive options are present, which appear to show greater integration and control over device back ups and files. There's also an app settings section that surfaces options to change default apps and information on app sizes." Very welcome improvements - but unless there's significant speed and performance improvements, this is all for naught. Update: Woah, a 50:50 split view! They are listening! Update 2: Steve Troughton-Smith details that the split can be any size, and that you can also split three and four applications.
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RE[2]: In 2013...
by butters on Sun 24th Mar 2013 16:38 UTC in reply to "RE: In 2013..."
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Stacked window management has never been terribly useful (perhaps excepting the occasional dialog), and nobody has ever perfected the tiling window manager, so I don't see how this is a retrograde step.

A simple but flexible tiling window manager is arguably the best way to utilize large displays, particularly when it comes to content creation and other remaining use-cases for the traditional desktop.

If anyone is willing to make the case for stacked window management on large displays in the 2010s, by all means go ahead.

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