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Windows "An early build of Windows Blue, the next version of Windows, has leaked online. Build 9364 has been made available on file sharing sites and includes some of the new changes that Microsoft is building into its significant Windows 8 update. Leaked screenshots show that the company is bringing smaller Live Tile arrangements to its Start Screen, along with greater control over the color personalization options. Other improvements include a number of new options in the Windows 8-style settings screen. SkyDrive options are present, which appear to show greater integration and control over device back ups and files. There's also an app settings section that surfaces options to change default apps and information on app sizes." Very welcome improvements - but unless there's significant speed and performance improvements, this is all for naught. Update: Woah, a 50:50 split view! They are listening! Update 2: Steve Troughton-Smith details that the split can be any size, and that you can also split three and four applications.
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by ssokolow on Sun 24th Mar 2013 22:40 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: In 2013..."
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virtual desktops are the answer to proper management of windows. I personally always found tiling managers to be for me a flawed paradigm. The problem I've seen are that users don't seem to immediately get virtual desktops and after switching will still trash up one desktop with a bunch of stacked windows and taskbar icons.

I'd say the ideal solution is a mix. I always run my windows maximized, but that's because I have two 1280x1024 LCD panels side-by-side.

If I had anything bigger or if I had only one monitor, I'd either set up a tiling WM or find some way to dynamically set up fake Xinerama boundaries so Openbox's maximize would give the same effect.

I think the big issue with tiling WMs on Linux is that nobody has built a hybrid tiling-floating WM with familiar keybindings, intuitive mouse interactions, and theming at least on par with IceWM and Openbox.

(Bluetile claims to do the first two. When I have time to learn Haskell, I'll probably try my hand at patching in the third. As is, I'm just using a minimal WinSplit Revolution clone I wrote for X11 named QuickTile.)

Heck, didn't the nVidia drivers for Windows offer to fake up maximize boundaries back in the WinXP era? (I never liked it because it didn't seem to let you grab a boundary and drag to resize or grab a window and drag to split a region or to make two windows trade places.)

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