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Google Liz Gannes at AllThingsD has an interesting perspective on the Google Reader shutdown. According to her sources, the shutdown was motivated by concerns over compliance - especially privacy. She explains how every product team needs compliance officers, and that Google was unwilling to create such an infrastructure for Google Reader. "The context for this concern about compliance is Google's repeated public failures on privacy due to lack of oversight and coordination. It's pretty clear why Page is trying to run a tighter ship."
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by tkeith on Mon 25th Mar 2013 19:23 UTC
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It seems like what has really changed at Google is their attitude towards litigation. Before, it was about getting cool stuff out and moving on to the next cool thing. But due to lawsuits across the world and governments increasingly trying to police the internet, that is no longer possible. In order to offer a service or software, you need to have the money and resources to protect it as well as run it. That means that it needs to have a business case(usually revenue).

It’s sad, but true. Start ups can get away with more, but the bigger the company the bigger the target on their head. Remember what happened to Google TV? Lots of content providers allow their shows to be streamed on “PCs”, but purposely blocked them on Google TV. Google’s name was involved and they saw dollar signs.

Sadly for all the hand wringing about “social”, they could have made something out of reader.(and still could)

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