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Windows Paul Thurrot: "Tipped off by a reader, I checked my System log in Event Viewer today and what did I find but a stack of pending updates for all of the core apps in Windows 8. I'm not 100 percent sure this is what I think it is. But if we're right, it looks like 18 of the core apps in Windows 8 are about to get updated. Or, almost all of them." Foley confirms it. By far Windows 8's weakest link, so I'm hoping this is true. Especially the Mail application is dreadful.
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by ze_jerkface on Tue 26th Mar 2013 02:46 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment"
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This is why we have the C++ Renaissance

There is no C++ renaissance. Sinofsky was another irrational managed code hater that couldn't answer most of our technical questions. Yes he got WinRT through but it will be almost entirely ignored just like WPF.

A team of .NET or Java developers can outproduce a team of C++ developers and that won't change with WinRT. C++ is used heavily for games but the enterprise world has zero interest in bringing it back for internal applications.

If anything there is a Java renaissance thanks to Android. The future of internal applications is the web and that has only been strengthened with Microsoft's incredibly stupid move of creating yet another API. The corporate world is getting sick of Microsoft trying to sell a new API every few years, especially when they have a hard time explaining productivity benefits and hope we all just fall for new 'n shiny.

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