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In the News "An incident at the annual Python developer conference has led to allegations of sexism, death threats, the firings of two people, and - apparently - multiple DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks." Absolutely bizarre.
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RE[8]: Overblown and beyond...
by jal_ on Tue 26th Mar 2013 11:34 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Overblown and beyond..."
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What we are talking is that half... HALF! 50% of the "sexist" jokes she heard were NOT sexists.

Every sexist joke is one too many.

She heard TWO! 2 things, one ("forking") was without sexual connotation.

That's what the guys said. Her word against theirs. It's obvious why you choose the words of the guys over hers, but that doesn't make you right (or allow you to state it as fact).

It just shows how much she misheard or misinterpreted things, or just wanted to make things looking worst than they really were.

You weren't there, were you? You didn't hear what was said. Yes, you like to believe she "misheard" and "misinterpreted" things, otherwise you're whole reasoning crumbles down, but you do not have one fucking shred of evidence to back up your claims.

She took things for herself, seeing bearded men

Are you suggesting that if they weren't bearded, she wouldn't have complained? Red herring, here we go again.

she thought she was in a truck-drivers' bar and she scared herself to death that opposing the two felons face to face would cause her great trouble.

Do you think that making up things furthers your argument?

She forgot she was in company of smart (yet joking) developers, surrounded by thousands peers.

You can mind read! Now that settles it!

Since PyCon was real life and she cannot operate it like her blog and ban whoever she wants whenever she feels pissed off

Am I to understand that the cause of your wrath is the fact that she banned you from her blog? Well, I can imagine why she did that.

she then made everything public (tweeter IS public)

I never denied that, in fact I stated it as the only questionable thing she did.

And no, you cannot just sue whoever cause you discomfort, piss you off, whatever.

Well, in the US you can of course. But she isn't sueing anyone (although I hope she'll sue the company that fired her). She complained to the proper authorities (the conference organizers) who had a talk with the guys. Using hyperboles doesn't get you anywhere.

Sometimes you should take it like a... man, tighten your teeth

Typical misogynist speak. "Shut up and move on. Our prerogative to be rude, sexist and demeaning." Well it's not. You don't have a single fucking right to tell anyone to shut up, or take it like a man. You may disagree with someone, you may discuss things with someone, but you do not tell people to shut up.

"Great men speak about ideas"
"Good men speak about things"
"Average people speak about people"

And pathetic losers speak about how women should shut up and go on with their business.

She is on the people level.

Which is still waaaaay above your level, I guess.

So, I perfectly understood where she were going

"Understanding" and "wishfull thinking" are two very different things, you realize that, don't you?

and it's not by defending her by calling me a misogynist.

You are a misogynist, that's clear to everyone. And I'm not defending her by calling you one, I'm pointing out you're one by showing your false arguments. You're name-calling, using hyperboles, spreading around red herrings, using typical misogynist language ("she should have shut up and take it like a man").

She just used and abused her own female status to enforce open doors.

"female status"? Are you an MRA as well? That figures. "Misogynist rights advocate". She asked conference organizers via Twitter to talk to two guys making sexist jokes. That's all that happens. Except, apparently, in your twisted mind.

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