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In the News "An incident at the annual Python developer conference has led to allegations of sexism, death threats, the firings of two people, and - apparently - multiple DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks." Absolutely bizarre.
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RE[10]: Overblown and beyond...
by jal_ on Tue 26th Mar 2013 13:24 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: Overblown and beyond..."
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""You're name-calling, using hyperboles, spreading around red herrings, using typical misogynist language ("she should have shut up and take it like a man")."

Fun to read that from you, whenever you're making judgments and assumptions about me. Thanks ;)
I didn't do any of the things I accused you of, and you didn't refute them.

When I said "take it like a men" and quoting a "level of people value", if she was that above the average, she could have passed above these jokes and listen to the speech being given.

You don't get it. That was already clear, but you drive it home every time. It's not about being "above" something. It's about two douchebags making sexist jokes (or at least jokes with a sexual connotation) and someone reporting it. Women should not have to be above anything. They should not be bothered by sexist men, ever, period. You cannot, as a man, order women to put up with your shit. You can't order anyone to put up with your shit.

Yet she focused on the jokes

It's unclear whether the guys were talking during a talk or during a break. Regardless, they obviously talked loud enough for someone sitting in the next row to overhear them.

her "feminist" radar in full red alert, and decided she have to change the world.

Again, nothing but hyperbole. I won't bother commenting.

Nothing misogynist to just notice she behaved like a douche she claims to fight against.

She's "fighting" against male chauvinist pigs, sexists and misogynists that create an unwelcome atmosphere in the tech scene, as far as I'm able to judge. She did not act like a MCP, sexist or misogynist. How you can conclude that she "behaved like a douche she claims to fight" is beyond me.

And BTW, never heard of Adria before this osnews' topic.

Yet, you claim insight in her behaviour and even read her mind!

I'm from France (...) There's still some common sense, like leaving people making some jokes on your back (perhaps even directed at you) without raising an assault riffle and triggering.

So France has a misogynist culture? And "common sense" is to accept that? Perhaps you should read this:

If you cannot leave people live, then get a life.

"Leaving people live" is not the same as "allowing misogynist to denigrade women". Really, think about it.

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