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In the News If you don't live in the US, this is a pretty common source of irritation: US companies charging crazy markups on products sold in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and the rest of the world. The Australian government has had enough of this practice, and started an inquiry into the matter. Yesterday (or today? Timezones confuse me) Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe had to answer questions in a public hearing.
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Except Apple stuff being overpriced in this context doesn't refer to the comparison to some crappy Android knock off wannabe. It compares it to the US dollar price which was determined to be much better than others. Yes, Apple stuff is more expensive than the competition, and no you'll probably never be able to afford it what with your employment prospects but that doesn't alter the story here.

No. Apple devices are more expensive (at least here in Australia) than other equivalent devices with: better specs; better functionality and choice for end users; better quality; and less restrictions on their use.

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