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General Development "Programming is hard. Don't ever feel bad because you aren't as good at 'just googling it' as the person next to you. Don't ever let hackathon snobs talk you out of creating the next Twitter for cats or Yelp for public washrooms. Even the dumbest ideas (like trying to make animated polygons disappear and reappear) will help you improve as a programmer. Learning to program is largely about learning to learn - and the best way to learn is to do." For some reason, I love this short story.
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RE[3]: Only natural to improve
by sbenitezb on Wed 27th Mar 2013 14:55 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Only natural to improve"
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I played alot with graphic effects. For sentimental reasons, I just searched for and found my old qbasic and pascal development collection from the 90s only to discover that none of it will run under windows 7 64bit. I feel sad that I don't have a machine / OS that can run them anymore.

If only emulators existed...

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