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General Development "Programming is hard. Don't ever feel bad because you aren't as good at 'just googling it' as the person next to you. Don't ever let hackathon snobs talk you out of creating the next Twitter for cats or Yelp for public washrooms. Even the dumbest ideas (like trying to make animated polygons disappear and reappear) will help you improve as a programmer. Learning to program is largely about learning to learn - and the best way to learn is to do." For some reason, I love this short story.
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RE[3]: Programmers
by Delgarde on Thu 28th Mar 2013 01:07 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Programmers"
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This is a lot more professional compared to a difficult to deal with programmer who refuses anything but an elegant solution, to me such guys have no place in a business.

While I'd agree with that comment in general, I'd note that as the person having to maintain the collection of hacks in the future, I'll be pushing very, very hard to have them fixed properly every time.

Quick hacks are fine to deliver a short-term fix under tight time frames (e.g security issues, production environments crashing, etc), but I'd hate to work for a company where "fix it properly" wasn't the highest priority as soon as the quick fix is out the door.

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