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Internet & Networking "The New York Times this morning published a story about the Spamhaus DDoS attack and how CloudFlare helped mitigate it and keep the site online. The Times calls the attack the largest known DDoS attack ever on the Internet. We wrote about the attack last week. At the time, it was a large attack, sending 85Gbps of traffic. Since then, the attack got much worse. Here are some of the technical details of what we've seen."
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far from bringing down the net.
by puidelup on Thu 28th Mar 2013 08:27 UTC
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The only thing that this attack could really bring down is the spam protection of organizations that rely on spamhaus (excellent) DNS blacklists. And that's precisely what the crooks behind this are after - taking the spam protection down that bites into their spammer revenue streams.

It's a war between spammers and spam protection services, (and cloudfare, who are a DDOS protection firm). A spectacular one, nonetheless, with possible implications for many of us (who doesn't hate spam?) but the internet as we know it is *not* in danger.

Take care!

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