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Internet & Networking "The New York Times this morning published a story about the Spamhaus DDoS attack and how CloudFlare helped mitigate it and keep the site online. The Times calls the attack the largest known DDoS attack ever on the Internet. We wrote about the attack last week. At the time, it was a large attack, sending 85Gbps of traffic. Since then, the attack got much worse. Here are some of the technical details of what we've seen."
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Laurence, you are implying here that this is a new attack vector (I understand your statement like this). It definitely isn't.

It is a new vector in attack in that it's only really been exploited like this in recent years. Or at least I've not been aware of hackers targeting open resolvers for DDoS attacks until recently. So I'm assuming it wasn't a commonly used technique until recently. If you know otherwise then I'll happily accept the correction ;)

I wasn't implying that this is a new vulnerability though, just that this existing vulnerability is getting wider exposure (advertising) so this specific type of exploit is becoming more frequent.

This isn't going to happen anytime soon. Adding such checks in the current infrastructure would reduce the capacity of backbones by a few levels of magnitude. "Backbone routers" are optimized to route tons of traffic, but only blindly. Adding checks would cripple their routing capacity.
Such checks (anti spoofing measures) can only be implemented at the "outskirts" of the Internet, not in it's core. Admins of small networks are responsible for such security measures, but since such attacks use their infrastructure without damaging it much, there is little incentive to do it.

Oh I'm well aware of that. This is why there's a coordinated underway to identify vulnerable name servers and work with the hosts to get them patched (ie it's the most realistic solution to this immediate concern).

My comment regarding the router checks was what I'd prefer to see; "ideal world" thinking etc. But as that post was quickly becoming my second essay in this thread I decided to cut some detail out for the sake of getting back to work ;)

reworded a lot of this as it really wasn't clear what I was trying to say.

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