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Linux Like many OSNews readers, I use Ubuntu. I also use several less popular distros. What is it like to use these lesser-known distros compared to the dominant systems? How does running, say, VectorLinux or Puppy or PC-BSD, differ from using Ubuntu or Fedora? This article offers a few ideas. Obviously, it broadly generalizes about distros for the purpose of discussion.
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I agree with the author
by sforstall1983 on Fri 29th Mar 2013 02:16 UTC
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I have found that some of the smaller ones have better support. OS4 which I have mentioned on this site, and PCLinuxOS, are two great examples of this, Roberto and Mike with OS4 are always very helpful and get me answers QUICK whenever I have problems. They recently ventured into the Enterprise sector with OS4 Enterprise and it was a great way to support the distribution. At first I thought, $100.00 USD was a little steep but when I bought it, installed it and the capabilities are well worth the money. It has become my main distro and now that they went with a more traditional desktop layout, its become a really great distribution.

PCLinuxOS is my favorite KDE based distribution. Texstar and team are always on top of it when it comes to service and support. Its fast, very professional looking. A couple of the apps crash and dont work well unlike with OS4, but for a good XFCE professional distribution, OS4 is the distro of choice. KDE which seems like the red headed stepchild on most other Linux distributions with PCLinuxOS, its the distro of choice.

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