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Linux Like many OSNews readers, I use Ubuntu. I also use several less popular distros. What is it like to use these lesser-known distros compared to the dominant systems? How does running, say, VectorLinux or Puppy or PC-BSD, differ from using Ubuntu or Fedora? This article offers a few ideas. Obviously, it broadly generalizes about distros for the purpose of discussion.
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Ubuntu pulls an Apple
by twitterfire on Fri 29th Mar 2013 09:26 UTC
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Ubuntu announced few weeks ago that it won't use Wayland display server like the rest of the linux world, instead developing its own display server, Mir. Mir won't be compatible with Wayland and will support Android graphics drivers. It will be used on both mobile devices and desktop.

Using Unity on top of Mir, talks with Nvidia and Amd for graphics drivers, exclusivity for Steam, switch to Qt, we can see where this is heading. They will try to head towards a better integrated system with a stable api but at same time higly differentiate from the rest of linux world and break compatibility with the rest of linux distros. Kind of the Apple of the linux world.

They will probably fail. I don't think they have the know how and developers to release a quality and stable display server in a year as they say. I don't think Nvidia and Amd will write graphics drivers for them, unless Canonical puts their money where their mouth is and pays for development.

But if they manage to do this, release in time, have GPU vendors release drivers for Mir instead KMS/Gallium3d, have Valve release some AAA titles on Steam, they may become the only linux derivative with a desktop market share worth mentioning.

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