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Windows "Microsoft has breathlessly announced several new game titles for Windows Phone 8. And once again, Redmond continues to disappoint." I'm lucky not to require too many applications, but this article still hits nails on heads.
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Apps don't appear out of thin air
by Nelson on Fri 29th Mar 2013 16:37 UTC
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Its is very possible that negotiations for Temple Run began before TR2 was in the picture yet, and by the time that ball was really rolling, they were too deep into the dev cycle for them to change course.

Anyway, Microsoft's ultimate goal should be to enable developers to make money. If you are an enabler to prosperity on your platform the developers will go. All of them. Not just one or two you buy off to make an app then forget about it.

Microsoft needs real, organic growth in their market and should be doing everything possible to reduce the amount of things in my way to making success, because their success is tied to mine and other developers.

The goal shouldn't be to persuade Facebook to please port Instagram, or whatever the case may be, the goal should be to enable the next Instagram or Facebook or whatever on Windows Phone.

The value proposition of WP and Windows 8 is an untold story and that severely hurts Microsoft. They need to change the entire perception around their platforms, because when done correctly, you can make a great deal of money off of them.

So in short: Stop the stupid money dumps, and quit wasting time chasing companies that will do little more than token efforts, and start making Windows Phone attractive for developers.

Then you won't have to beg, or pay them off, or write the apps for them. They will be drawn by your value proposition.

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