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Google This. This is what we need. These are the kind of steps from which we all benefit. Google has just announced the Open Patent Non-Assertion Pledge: the company promises not to sue any users, distributors, or developers of open source products based on the patents it owns (unless first attacked).
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RE: Bad guys - Google
by galvanash on Fri 29th Mar 2013 22:57 UTC in reply to "Bad guys - Google"
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No Evil? By using their sheer market size and subsidizing (offering) a free product directly competing with (not only) ours, we're going to take a huge hit.

Im sorry about that, but you should chalk it down as a learning experience and move on to the next thing. The fact is Google probably doesn't know you even exist - they have been working on translation software since before Android even existed - you tried to play in THEIR pool, not the other way around...

That is not to say there is anything at all wrong with that - but don't cry about it being unfair. Do it better or do something else better, but don't expect to be "protected" form competition - competition is the whole damn point.

Sorry to be so brutal about it, but that is just the truth. You had a niche product and Google noticed a gab in their offering and filled it. That is the way it goes.

Move on. Come up with a new idea, or make your product better than theirs. I really do feel for you, but blaming Google for competing with you is simply sour grapes.

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