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Windows "According to Kevin Restivo, an analyst at IDC, the countries where Windows Phone shipments exceeded those of iPhone during the fourth quarter were: Argentina, India, Poland, Russia, South Africa and Ukraine. A seventh 'country' where Windows Phone shipments beat iPhone is actually a group of smaller countries, including Croatia, that IDC lumps together in a category called 'rest of central and eastern Europe'." Not bad. Unsurprisingly, these are Nokia countries.
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RE[4]: Comment by przemo_li
by unclefester on Sat 30th Mar 2013 05:26 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by przemo_li"
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Owning and controlling your own future is invaluable and so is not depending on Microsoft's good will only.

Have you used WP8? IMHO it is by far the best phone OS around.

And so can, and does, Huawei, HTC and Samsung. All of them have the same WP8. Samsung and HTC seem to have given up on WP8, Huawei's bestseller are there Android's (same Hardware like there WP8).

Nokia is the de facto phone division of MS. Samsung is switching to Tizen. HTC is going nowhere. Huawei is a bottom feeder.

While not paying a dime and even getting money from Nokia now. $40 for each sold unit, that is double as much Samsung had to pay for there WP licenses. Clever.

You need to learn how multinational businesses work. In reality Nokia is deliberately "paying" an exorbitant licence fee to MS. MS in turn "pays" Nokia too much for (possibly worthless) goods and services. In reality they are sham transactions (no actual money is involved) designed to reduce taxes - usually known as Transfer Pricing.

Not broke, they will be cut into pieces and parts, like there patents still worth some $, be sold to Microsoft and others.

The alternative is bankruptcy. Nokia had no future without WP7/8.

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