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Linux Like many OSNews readers, I use Ubuntu. I also use several less popular distros. What is it like to use these lesser-known distros compared to the dominant systems? How does running, say, VectorLinux or Puppy or PC-BSD, differ from using Ubuntu or Fedora? This article offers a few ideas. Obviously, it broadly generalizes about distros for the purpose of discussion.
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RE: Ubuntu pulls an Apple
by toast88 on Sun 31st Mar 2013 09:14 UTC in reply to "Ubuntu pulls an Apple"
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No, Ubuntu does not pull an Apple. Pulling an Apple would mean doing actual work and contributing back upstream.

Apple is the largest contributor to WebKit, CUPS, llvm to name a few. They also help maintaining X.Org and open-sourced many other, smaller projects to the public:

while Canonical usually only releases stuff that's usable on Ubuntu only: Mir, Upstart, Software Center, Unity etc.

Apple is NOT a bad company when it comes to open source. Without Apple, we wouldn't have Google Chrome and all the mobile browsers derived from WebKit. gcc would still be without competition and maybe fallback. Software rendering for the GNOME3 desktop wouldn't be possible either (that requires llvm) and CUPS would probably be unmaintained.

So stop making these dumb comparisons.


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