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Linux "Today the ZFS on Linux project reached an important milestone with the official 0.6.1 release! Over two years of use by real users has convinced us ZoL is ready for wide scale deployment on everything from desktops to super computers."
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Oracle inherited the CDDL licencing on ZFS/Dtrace from Solaris when they bought it. Now that they (Oracle) own ZFS they could re-licence it should they want to, instead they keep their ZFS enhancements proprietary and are continuing their efforts on their own GPL licenced BTRFS filesystem.

The reason Solaris licenced ZFS and DTrace under the GPL incompatible CDDL deliberately was because they were losing market share to Linux and obviously didn't want to 'give away' any advantages to their main competitor.

Then we get crazy half-functional duplicates (Btrfs, SystemTap) popping up simply because some religious nut couldn't get it through their thick skull that as long as the license grants them the same freedoms,

No, again the reason they are incompatible with GPL is because that was a deliberate choice by Solaris when they licenced them as such to prevent Linux from using Solaris's 'crown jewels'.

Now, Linux is GPL and thus obviously can't use CDDL licenced code so it's not a question of 'religious nuts' or NIH.

Oracle created BTRFS, companies like Red Hat, IBM, Intel have worked on SystemTap. They did this because they can't legally ship Linux with ZFS or DTrace, and therefore won't, even if some guy named 'saso' on OSNews says that 'there's no legal risk'.

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