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Windows "Microsoft has breathlessly announced several new game titles for Windows Phone 8. And once again, Redmond continues to disappoint." I'm lucky not to require too many applications, but this article still hits nails on heads.
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RE: The reality is...
by bassbeast on Sun 31st Mar 2013 23:18 UTC in reply to "The reality is..."
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Considering Win 8 makes Vista look like a smash hit "everything turning metro" is not only doubtful I'd say every company that is foolish enough to make their programs metro only will be looking at a flop. This is understandable when even usability experts say the OS is a mess..

Frankly this is something any retailer could tell you which is why it amazes me that MSFT is going "full moron ahead" With Vista Mk II, you had dang well better give your customers what they want if you have serious competition or at least have a DAMN good reason and selling point for why you are not, why? Because otherwise they go somewhere else.

The users have made it clear, Win 8 is a DO NOT WANT and it all comes down to the retarded UI. I'm making plenty extra just wiping Windows 8 for Win 7, I swear its almost a perfect repeat of Vista for XP. The sad part is they could have fixed it with maybe 300 LOC, simply have a full desktop instead of the gimped thing they have now and make metro optional and switchable, that's all.

Instead Surface is a bomb, Win 8 a flop, their mobile numbers are pathetic and last I checked RIM was still ahead making them dead last and from the looks of Windows Blue not only did they not learn from their mistakes but they are giving a giant middle finger to their customers.

Ya know I never thought I'd say this but we may actually get the year of the Linux desktop, or at least the ChromeOS/Android one, NOT because somebody released such an incredible product they literally changed the game but because MSFT is gonna walk right out into the court square with a smile on its face, put the gun into their mouth and blow their brains out right then and there. Never before have I seen a company just kill itself like this, total madness. And all because Steve Ballmer would rather work in Cupertino than in Redmond. I swear you couldn't have hired a plant better than Ballmer, he makes Elop at Nokia look like sound business strategy.

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