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In the News "Not only has China's Central TV been running regular follow ups to its March 15 expose on Apple's iPhone repair policies, but on Thursday People's Daily - the Communist Party's official propaganda organ - attacked the company for the fourth day in a row, devoting half a page to negative articles." This isn't rocket science. The west treats Chinese technology companies like crap, so they treat western companies like crap. How exactly does this surprise anyone? And why is it okay for our governments to engage in political games to smear foreign companies, but we throw a hissy fit when a foreign nation engages in the same political games to smear western companies? It sucks for Apple to be the target right now, but had this occurred a decade ago, it would have been Microsoft.
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No morals by anyone here
by moiecoute on Sun 31st Mar 2013 23:19 UTC
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Thom this would have less to do with the Chinese government caring about its people. It is a trend from Asia, through Africa and South America. Don't believe me travel to these places and talk to people and find out for yourself.

The western countries bring in the capital, machinery and know how. These governments then put pressure at any chance they can to get more taxes or special concessions.

My take on it anyway.

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