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Apple "Last Friday, The Verge revealed the existence of a dead-simple URL-based hack that allowed anyone to reset your Apple ID password with just your email address and date of birth. Apple quickly shut down the site and closed the security hole before bringing it back online. The conventional wisdom is that this was a run-of-the-mill software security issue. [...] It isn't. It's a troubling symptom that suggests Apple's self-admittedly bumpy transition from a maker of beautiful devices to a fully-fledged cloud services provider still isn't going smoothly. Meanwhile, your Apple ID password has come a long way from the short string of characters you tap to update apps on your iPhone. It now offers access to Apple's entire ecosystem of devices, stores, software, and services."
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RE: Ongoing improvements
by BallmerKnowsBest on Mon 1st Apr 2013 18:12 UTC in reply to "Ongoing improvements"
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The article makes some good points but it's also completely flawed.

Don't worry, I'm sure no one here expected you have a different take on it.

As for iOS, well go check out malmware on Google playstore and then come back.

And? Hate to break it to you, but "malmware" [sic] still makes it into the app store, despite the supposed infallibility of Apple's approval process. So compared to Android, iOS has severely limited functionality - and all you get for that tradeoff is a false sense of security. Now THERE's a value proposition!

And even that requires giving Apple the benefit of the doubt, taking Apple at their word that the app store approval process is primarily intended to protect end users... As opposed to just protecting Apple from competition and anything else they deem undesirable.

And I'm not even mentioning the countless numerous security flaws which don't get patched up on Android because it takes months (if ever) to get an update.

So... your point is that OS updates are more difficult with a diverse platform like Android, compared to a single-vendor monoculture like iOS? Stop the presses!

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