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Apple "Last Friday, The Verge revealed the existence of a dead-simple URL-based hack that allowed anyone to reset your Apple ID password with just your email address and date of birth. Apple quickly shut down the site and closed the security hole before bringing it back online. The conventional wisdom is that this was a run-of-the-mill software security issue. [...] It isn't. It's a troubling symptom that suggests Apple's self-admittedly bumpy transition from a maker of beautiful devices to a fully-fledged cloud services provider still isn't going smoothly. Meanwhile, your Apple ID password has come a long way from the short string of characters you tap to update apps on your iPhone. It now offers access to Apple's entire ecosystem of devices, stores, software, and services."
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RE[2]: it happens to everyone
by kristoph on Mon 1st Apr 2013 23:18 UTC in reply to "RE: it happens to everyone"
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Please read again what you wrote and give it some thought. You disputed my points with absolutely no tangible support at all. You simply said they were 'false'. You reference an article that is totally unrelated to technology - which is what I was speaking about - and was a pure social engineering hack. You discounted my opinion because you claim I was a 'fanboi'.

It's weak dude. If you have a solid argument then make it, demonstrate it with facts, without insults and name calling. Your arguments will carry much more weight and people - even those that disagree with you - would give you much more respect.

I'll add that I made a point of saying that it was Microsoft who places the greatest emphasis on security and I absolutely think Google Chrome as a browser has the best security out there and gmail makes the most effort to eliminate phishing scams.

On the other hand Mac OS X has a much lowest malware infection rate (and the gap has increased now that, by default, you can't install unsigned apps) then Windows and iOS has virtually no Malware while Android is riddled with it. I understand this is because Apple simply locks down it's platforms (which many think is a bad thing) but if you bother to read what CIO's are saying their much more comfortable with Apple's security then any other for desktop/mobile use.

Anyhow I am not here to apologize for anyone, I simply think that Thom is pushing his agenda (and he has made it clear on a number of occasions he has a 'bias') and I think that's sort of lame. We don't need to bash one another to have an intelligent discussion on the merits of one platform or another. The pre-Thom OSNews was much more egalitarian, and much more respectful, and I think it sucks that that's changed.

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