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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Last week, Facebook sent out an invite to a press event, to come check Facebook's 'New home on Android'. The press and bloggers went nuts, proclaiming that Facebook would fork Android and create its own phone. However, if you didn't wear the sensationalism-induced glasses, it was obvious from the invite itself that there would no forking of Android, and AndroidPolice confirmed it today.
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Facebook Keyword
by Priest on Tue 2nd Apr 2013 06:21 UTC
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Every time I see a commercial instead of a .com the companies are all like find us on Facebook at /CompanyName

It reminds me of the days when everyone was an AOL keyword.

Every page I visit online has a nifty little button I can use to share it on Facebook in case copy and pasting the link myself is too hard.

Now Facebook can't deal with just being integrated into the Android experience and merging my friends into my phone contacts, but it must be central to the experience to make violating my privacy more convenient.

Once you get that popular is there anywhere to go but down?

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