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Games A lot of interesting stuff on the internals of one of the greatest games of all time: Pac-Man. First, recreating Pac-Man in a day. Second, a very detailed look at the artificial intelligence of each of the game's ghosts. As it turns out, each ghost had its own 'character' and approached Pac-Man in its own unique way. Third, the Pac-Man Dossier, the most detailed study of the game ever.
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RE[2]: Been there...
by deathshadow on Tue 2nd Apr 2013 18:13 UTC in reply to "RE: Been there..."
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I really think that if you need a 'license' when giving something away, you're not giving it away; particularly since copyright should provide all the protection one should need in terms of credit being given where credit is due.

But then, I get along with the Church of Stallman re-re's and their calling socialism "freedom" about as good as I get along with slavers and racists; which is to say I have a shoot on sight order in place.

... because if you need a 'license' that is larger than the forming document of most world governments to 'protect' something you are sharing "openly", well... as I've said many times does the term snake oil ring a bell? The FSF's commie rhetoric being so full of the seven cornerstones of propaganda Goebbels would wet his pants in envy. I often feel someone needs to explain to the FSF what 'freedom' is, because their nonsense isn't it.

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